please be a bit patient with me…..

Dear Blog Followers,

I have been in the post-Soviet space for almost one month now and I must apologize for only making one blog post. My time here has been very VERY busy – in one week’s time, my husband and I traveled about 60 hours on buses and trains to and from Estonia, Kiev, Chernobyl, Bryansk, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We have visited an orphanage for handicapped and developmentally disabled children (which I will dedicate an entire post to), are in the process of buying a small property in Estonia (probably another small post), went to Chernobyl and Pripyat (again, another whole post), spent time with a dear friend/sister in Bryansk, Russia (let’s make a post!), etc. etc. etc. Please bear with me as I return home and actually have the time and energy to provide you with solid accounts of our travels (which have been amazing and exhausting!) I am leaving Russia on Monday morning and already know I will miss it dearly here….. so I leave you this one photo in the meantime and hope you will enjoy our tales to come!

Bolshoe Spacibo! (thank you very much!)

Lindsay Comer

a babushka playing a domra on the sidewalk in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

a babushka playing a domra on the sidewalk in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

14 thoughts on “please be a bit patient with me…..

    • actually no – people still live there (the people who continually work on the premises doing maintenance to the reactor). you have to pay for an “official” tour and have a tour guide and you are only allowed within the 10 km. radius for a limited amount of time. it was really interesting.

      • Hmphh, that’s interesting. There’s actually a whole series of books (and a computer game) about what goes on in “the Zone”. You’d think it’d be a little more off-limits. 🙂

      • well, it is off-limits to those who don’t work there (and they live outside the danger zone, in the city limits of Chernobyl) – we had to go through at least three military check points and get scanned for radiation before leaving…..

  1. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I myself and my teacher (makes me sound young but we are the same age) are traveling to St. Petersburg this summer in August 2013. Your blog has given me a good feel for what’s awaiting us in Russia and we are looking forward to our travels.

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