asking for your vote…..

Dear Blog Followers,

I am excited to announce that one of my images from Russia (a dancing babushka image) is published in the June edition of National Geographic Magazine (pg. 18) and I was invited for guaranteed entrance to another digital exhibition in NYC via

That being said, I had to officially submit my image via and so I decided to enter some others, just because. In the category of peoples’ choice, that’s where I am asking you to vote for me, if you please 🙂 I don’t make money at this yet, but I hope to keep providing you with more images, better stories and travel adventures in the future, and this is one way in which I really need your vote.

Also, if there are any images you would like to see entered into the gallery, I have until midnight tonight to add more!

Many thanks and stay tuned – I am traveling back to Russia in t-minus 4 days! This next trip should promise some really great stuff to share, as well.

Best wishes,

Lindsay Comer

Vote Here:

P.S. one of the images I seem to have entered twice – whoops! – and I cannot delete it for some reason. my apologies!

woman passing by.....

woman passing by…..

8 thoughts on “asking for your vote…..

  1. Hi. I too am fond of Russian literature and culture and I am very much interested in Post-Soviet places (a friend of mine recently gave me a book by an Italian journalist, Terzani, whose title is “Goodnight Mr Lenin”). I love your pictures. Should I vote, I would vote first for the picure showing the Icon in the the shop window; second I would vote for the picture with the old lady in the front smiling, and the others in the back in a dancing circle. Third place to the old lady dancing alone. However, all of them are beautiful! Congratulations on your pictures and for getting the National Geographic publish your work! Best wishes!

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