My 29th birthday was this past week and my husband was here in Russia visiting me.  On my actual birthday, I decided I wanted Sean and I to get on the train and head to this little village I remembered seeing during the summer months while I was on my way home from Oranienbaum.  For some reason, I remember Сергиево (pronounced “Sergieva”), being much more charming during the summer months.  Perhaps this could be attributed to the beautiful weather on the day I went to Oranienbaum, the lush green countryside and all the sunflowers.  However, Tuesday was very cold and overcast….. needless to say, the little village was not quite as quaint and attractive as I recall.  In addition, there were many yards filled with large scary dogs who kept barking at Sean and I over shallow fences.  After traipsing along the muddy roads for some time, the cold air became too much and we decided to head back home on the warm train.  Although I remember  Сергиево being a more charming village, I was still glad to go there with Sean so that he could walk through a “real” village outside of the city center.  The one thing I did not do that I wish I had was take at least one or two photos of the new Russian-style McMansions, recently built amidst the old cottage homes – Sean and I found the contrast really funny 🙂  I hope you enjoy the photos and please do try to picture the adorable little marshy village during the beauty of the summer months!

The Little Orthodox Church.

Russian Banya (Bathhouse/Spa).

and some houses just fall apart.....

Red and Orange.

when in Russia, if you need to park a car somewhere, apparently sidewalks and yards are good options!

The signs read something like, "Do not throw trash in the ditch - here is not a dump," and "Do not throw trash in bags in the ditch - here is not a dump!"


Sean and I were trying to figure out if this house was abandoned or occupied - it was occupied.

At the Station.

4 thoughts on “Сергиево.

  1. Beautiful photos! The photos of the houses look similar to here I’ve been in Выборг. There they also have McMansions near smaller, older homes. What a contrast! The church is beautiful! Happy late birthday! С днём рождения!

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