Осень в Питере (Autumn in Piter)…..

I am well aware that an update to my blog is well overdue – my apologies!  Upon returning to Russia following two lovely weeks with my husband and families back in the States, I jumped right back into my courses and English teaching and I have had very little time to devote to sightseeing and exploring the Motherland.  My mind and time have been occupied by Energy Security, my Russian courses and Post-Soviet Political and Economic Development, not to mention trying to develop my dissertation thesis (the beast that it will be!)….. and of course, I love to spend time with my stellar friends here in Petersburg!  However, this past Saturday, my husband arrived in Piter for a visit and we celebrated with Caucasian food and time with friends, a walk in the park and a visit today to the Kirov Apartment museum (which was really interesting)….. tomorrow we plan to hop on a train and visit a small village outside of the city that I first spotted back in the summer months.  Everything is changing color here, although yellow seems to be the dominating mood and I feel like I am part of a Van Gogh painting every time I run or walk through the park.  In honor of Autumn and the changing of seasons, here are some photos I took this past weekend which capture a bit of the fall foliage and morning light (outside my window).  I hope you enjoy and perhaps, this will bring an end to the “occupation” of my FB wall 🙂  Happy Autumn!

the “late” morning sunrise outside my window….. this is what I see every morning when I look outside to scope out the weather.

Furshtatskaya Ulitsa.

Tavrichesky Sad.

Two Babushkas walking in Tavrichesky Sad (there are a few photos of this dynamic duo).

The two Babushkas, again.

yes, I was stalking the Babushkas for a bit….. but it was so sweet to watch them walk and talk!

changing colors.

people stick leaves in tree bark. go figure!

silouette of Sean…..

feeling like I am part of the “yellow period”

the burning bush…..

when everygreens turn yellow and orange…..

crowns of leaves – apparently, it is the thing to do here in Autumn!

the lost crown amidst the algae pool…..

yellow and orange everywhere…..

bridge in Tavrichesky Sad.

the corrider that leads to my home (all the way up to the top and looking down).

One thought on “Осень в Питере (Autumn in Piter)…..

  1. This is such a wonderful blog, Lindsay. Love the photographs, you have such a way of capturing every-day moments and your commentaries make me feel like I’m getting to know the region. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience, looking forward to more!

    P.S. A silly question, how do you get such a large footprint for the vertically oriented photos? love that, it makes the pictures so much more dramatic!

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