Summertime in Питер (Petersburg), Россия

I am well aware that I have not posted anything new in quite some time, so this week will begin my endeavor to keep everyone updated on life in the post-Soviet space.  Summer is officially here in Petersburg and White Nights are now beginning to wane.  My husband was here for one month and during that time we experienced an amazing summer holiday, palaces & parks, lots of rain, and travel to three other post-Soviet countries.  It was such a stellar month and I have many photos to share, but I will need to do so one step at a time, as it would be very overwhelming for one post.  I will begin with “summertime in Piter” photos and continue onto the Baltic countries.  Perhaps I will write a bit more at times, but for me photographs are my diary of life’s adventures and when I look at them, I can vividly remember how I thought and felt during those moments captured.  That being said, I bring you my first post of a “summertime in Piter” series, beginning with the Scarlett Sails holiday.  This is a celebration during the White Nights that celebrates the end of school for children – in the grandest fashion!  The photos you will see from this event were taken around 2 a.m. when the sailboat began to make its way down the Neva.  Last year there was a record attendance of three million people to watch the event!  Hope you enjoy.

Glowing Bridges.....

Scarlett Sails lit by Fireworks.

Scarlett Sails about to go through the open bridge pass.

Scarlett Sails sailing through the bridge pass.

The Lada trying to drive through the crowds.....

The crazy Lada.

Light show on the bridge.

Hands up in the air.

The walk home.

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