summer scenes at Catherine’s Palace.

Last week the weather finally began to cooperate with Sean’s final few days in Petersburg and we were able to head to Tsarskoe Selo to view Catherine’s palace and walk around the park.  The park grounds are huge, overgrown in many places, and offer a nice peaceful refuge from the busy city center of Petersburg.  Although Peterhof is more impressive than Tsarskoe Selo as a whole, I really loved the swirly patterns in front of Catherine’s palace and the way I could just walk along the paths for hours.  Plus, there was one vendor there selling steamed corn on the cob and it was delicious!  One thing you notice as you visit many “touristy” sights here in Petersburg is the number of young Russian women who love posing like models in front of all the buildings, bridges, statues and landscapes.  It really is quite comical to me, since I hate having my photo taken 🙂  Anyhow, here is a small glimpse at Tsarskoe Selo…..

Painting and Drawing.

Thirsty Squirrel.

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