the approaching thaw…..

The past two weeks has been bitterly cold in St. Petersburg, reaching temperatures as low as -26 Celsius.  I took these photos at the beginning of the “freeze” because I remember being so excited to see the sun and blue sky again.  My enthusiasm was quickly replaced with a desire to not have my face and eyelashes freeze every time I stepped into the open cold air!  Today, however, my thermometer reached as high as -10 Celsius and so I must celebrate and take a break from reading about Bridal Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, the Opium economy and Warlords in Tajikistan and Afghanistan (Central Asian Politics and Society course).  Cheers everyone!  Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying a beautiful week and month 🙂

looking up at the Winter Palace.

along the Fontanka.

skeleton of a tree.

school bus.

Суббота (Saturday)…..

Сегодня, я скучаю мой муж и собаке.  Сегодня, мне грустна раз так я делю мои фото с вами все.

Translation (although it may not be completely accurate):  Today, I miss my husband and dog.  Today, I feel sad and so I share my photos with you all.

I know it is very simple, but I am feeling very homesick today….. the past few days have been very gray and so my pictures are also, but taking the time to share them with you all on my blog helps to lift my spirits somewhat and I am hopeful for the beautiful spring days that lie ahead…..

Along the River Fontanka and River Moyka.

At the Peter and Paul Fortress Grounds.

Along the western half of the River Fontanka.

The Winter Palace along the River Neva.

At the Peter and Paul Fortress Grounds.

Beautiful chairs buried in snow at the Peter and Paul Fortress Grounds.

At the Peter and Paul Fortress Grounds.