Четверг (Thursday).

Today, I went for a very long walk along the River and happened upon the Winter Palace – home of the Hermitage.  I did not go inside today – I think I will have plenty of time for that in the future and I want to spend an entire day there when I do go – but it was quite an incredible sight!  The temperatures outside were very cold – about -16 degrees Celsius, which is approximately 0 – 1 degree Fahrenheit.  I took a few photos and tried to absorb what I could as I continued to allow my toes to freeze 🙂  You will notice one photo that displays a few icicles hanging from one building….. I was speaking with my hostess’ daughter and she was telling me not to walk too close to the edges of buildings because a small boy was recently killed by falling icicles – how terrible!  I’ve been looking above my head regularly!

I also went to the grocery store again today, which is a very difficult thing to do, believe it or not.  You see, most of the super markets here require that you ask for each individual item “deli-style”.  Being that I can only speak certain words and phrases and I have trouble understanding when spoken to, I try to avoid these stores and go to ones where I can choose what I would like.  So, that is what I did and yet I did not understand that every person must weigh their own fruits and vegetables and put a price sticker on the items themselves.  So when I was checking out, the woman at the register pushed all my fruits and veggies to the back of the belt and told me to go and weigh them – I had no idea what she was saying and just kept looking at her, very confused (Rosetta Stone failed to teach me this aspect of the Russian culture and grocery shopping, I suppose 🙂  Fortunately, there was a woman behind me who happened to be from the US and she came to my rescue, explaining that I needed to weigh my produce and put a price tag on it – aha!  Now I know what to do and one of these day I will muster up the courage to walk into a smaller market and tell the clerks exactly what and how much I want!  But for now, it is only day two…..

The Peter and Paul Fortress, in the distance.

Nevskiy Prospekt.

Beware of driving off bridges and falling Icicles!

The Winter Palace and the ugly frozen car out front.

Nevskiy Prospekt.

Nevskiy Prospekt.

Nevskiy Prospekt.

18 thoughts on “Четверг (Thursday).

  1. Lindsay, They look like photos came right out of a magazine! Great job capturing the winter beauty. So glad that you were able to get some groceries even with all the challenges. You are a very brave young lady! I am proud of you. –Brenda

  2. Lindsay, your pictures are incredible! The last one is breathtaking. You’re going to do so great – I can’t wait to hear all the stories of your adventures! 🙂

    • Thank You Marie 🙂 The architecture here is really exquisite! I cannot wait to see how it looks when the spring and summer months are here….. I am hoping I will get a good grasp on the language – if I do that and manage well with my classes, I will be very happy 🙂

  3. Good morning Lindsay.
    Grocery stores are terrific places to meet people and to learn about local customs anywhere on this planet; other places are coffee shops and public parks, but right now it would be a bit chilly in the latter. Btw: minus 16 Celsius is +3.2 Fahrenheit, the formula is actually very simple, (Fahrenheit minus 32) divided by 1.8 = Celsius; (Celsius times 1.8) plus 32 = Fahrenheit.
    Please. continue reporting, possibly including food recipes.
    From Connecticut,

    • Hello Ernst,
      Thank you for the tip 🙂 I am hoping to meet more local people as my classes begin next week, so then I hope to socialize more with both the people in my program, as well as those in the city.
      I will have to write down the Fahrenheit to Celsius equation 🙂 I was basing my analysis on the fact that my hostess’ daughter said it was -16 degrees Celsius and when I looked at my Fahrenheit weather widget, it said it was 1 degree Fahrenheit; I did not do any math 🙂 Today was much warmer – about 30 degrees Fahrenheit (so that would be approx. -1 degree Celsius 🙂
      Anyhow, as I learn to cook, I will try to note a few recipes. I have a mission to learn how to make a good borscht!
      Sincerey from St. Pete,
      P.S. Please say hello to Fenway for me 🙂 I miss Elliot very much already!

  4. Lindz,

    I love these photos!! Especially the old ugly car in front of the palace is a great shot!
    I have to laugh about your description about having to weight the fruits and vegetables – it’s the same in a lot of German supermarkets – and I believe Ivan had to learn it the hard way, too 🙂 lol.

    I’ll email you tomorrow


    • Thanks Steffi! The one of the ugly car is one of my favorites also 🙂 I love your snow pictures! I can’t believe how much snow you have received in CT! Sean said there is over 10 ft. in his parents’ back yard!

      I’m glad to hear I am not alone in the land of the weighing of the produce 🙂 Well, now I know and I was fortunate to learn that aspect of grocery shopping on day two or three 😉
      Next step will be for me to muster up the courage to walk into the better supermarkets and tell them what I want in Russian – I can say most of the items I want and ask for them, but then if they speak back to me at full speed, I am in trouble!

      Hope to talk to you soon! We should skype sometime – Sean and I just did video skype yesterday for the first time!

      Big Hugs!

      • Hi Lindsay.
        Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words! In Egypt I showed my housekeeper a picture of the vegetables I wanted (from a wonderful cookbook), and she would get them from the produce market. We didn’t have an internet back then, but now you can find a picture of anything on line.
        Cheers from Connecticut,

  5. Are you referring to the tiny grocery stores full of outdated food?
    Most of the supermarketish supermarkets don’t really require you to talk at all.

    • I apologize if I am not completely up-to-date on grocery shopping here, but I was referring to Dixie, which is right around the corner
      from me. I’ve been to another since where they weigh the produce for you, but this was within my first few days and I am becoming very accustomed to things here at this point….. I will be hiring a Russian tutor so that I can progress with the language more quickly.

  6. Weigh your vegetables/fruits shopping and put a price sticker on the plastic bags yourself is quite common in a lot of supermarkets of european countries…itsn’t like that in the US?(I’ve never been there)

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